What is the difference between bones?

Most bones found at big pet stores are imported from China or elsewhere...baked in big factories, sterilizing them of all nutritional content, then treated with liquid or artificial smoke, or slathered with a basting agent or rancid grease. After the bones are processed, they lack the quality that your pet looks for, so enticment is placed back on the product in the form of sugary flavoring or greasy drippings. This is dangerous to your dog because high temperatures cook the bones, making them brittle, causing splintering. Also, artificial smoke, and the basting agent will upset your best friendís stomach, sugar sweetners unhealthy and that darn coloring gets all over the floors! Then you have to ask the question...were these animals healthy? grass fed? growth hormone free? steroid free? dead? diseased? We know the answer is no ! How about how old are they? been laying in a warehouse long? Why aren't bugs all over them? Not moldy? Simple...Mold and bugs will only attack real foods. Processed foods have a shelf life that devalues the product of all the micronutrients, minerals and vitamins that are naturally found in the bone, meat and marrow of our bones !

Our bones are always 100% USDA Beef! Our bones are smoked with care at low (90-96 degrees) temperatures for just an hour or less. This assures you that our bones are preserved, NOT COOKED. We use only the best quality hickory wood for this process. The meat on the outside dries, the blood is gone...the marrow inside is soft and that bones yell to the dog..."come and get it" ! Then they are put in the freezers until your pets or ours are ready for their daily treat.

Although, raw beef bones may still be the best bone to give to your dog, raw bones are difficult to store for long periods of time, are messy in the house, but have amazing health benefits for your pet. We have raw bones available as well, same freshness, just redder and frozen. If you don't know the farmer that raised the cattle, no telling what bones ae hiding inside them. TheDogBoneGuy believes we have a high quality product to offer your dog, that is why we feed our Bernese Mountain Dogs the same.. Our strict criteria to smoke our bones at low temperatures ensures the bone marrow does not heat up and melt away. Marrow is a great source of micronutrients, protein and calcium. You can feel good knowing your dog is chewing on a 100% natural USDA beef bone.





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